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“Red Global de Niños Desaparecidos” Nonprofit Organization 501(c )(3)

January 2, 2013 Proclamation: On motion of Armando A. Pérez , President of Missing Children Global Network, Inc. and with the approval of the parents of Christian Aguilar , Claudia M. Aguilar and Carlos A. Aguilar, has been named this project ” AGUILAR CHRISTIAN CHILD ALERT” Missing Children Global Network, Inc. is proclaiming that the ” Christian Aguilar Child Alert” project send text messages with pictures of missing children or endangered all gone nearby where a minor ranked highly in danger. Thousands of telephone text messages were sent with photos and area users specify the disappearance receive information that child disappeared in a quick and timely fashion and may act in a quick manner, including texts to phones and police authorities as well as all departments radiated press and TV media . We are proclaiming that this project bore the name of the young Christian Aguilar ‘s report, a young man of excellent and honorable academic studies and a brilliant social and family behavior , which disappeared from the Gainesville area on September 20, 2012 and later after a search by the authorities and thousands of volunteers it was found his lifeless body on October 12, 2012 . This project is called ” AGUILAR CHRISTIAN CHILD ALERT” for an idea of Missing Children Global Network, Inc., is technically developed by the firm Social Finity and President William Chimensky that voluntarily created a phone application linked to the website of Global Missing Children Network, Inc. offering users all the information needed to help identify missing children. The website of Missing Children Global Network, Inc. including a description indicating the reason for the project name ” CHRISTIAN CHILD ALERT AGUILAR .” With this proclamation we recall the memory for life and the presence of Christian Aguilar who was a juvenile , a student of first category, a good son and a good friend . Be present Christian name in all public activities , community service and Missing Children Global Network, Inc. helping saving lives of children, identifying, preventing and educating . The name Christian Aguilar and his memory will be present in projects to restore youth to a new life and prevent them from growing statistics of missing children. It will be on projects of personal growth of children who are recovered after being missing. Christian Aguilar, his image, his young example of a good family and this project ” AGUILAR CHRISTIAN CHILD ALERT” Missing Children Global Network, Inc., will work for the present and the future of children and youth in the United States and world . His physical disappearance will for eternity leaving a legacy of protection , safety and security for our children and young people in our country and around the world. The ” Christian Aguilar Child Alert” project is a global project. In all phases of use and presentation of this project for Missing Children Global Network, Inc. and Social company Finity , photos and biography of Christian Aguilar be presented , will be advertising this project in all possible means , graphic , radio and television , honoring the life and career of this young daughter to copy your image and name role models. Proclaim ” Christian Aguilar Child Alert” draft Missing Children Global Network, Inc., was born in the City of Hialeah Gardens, Miami Dade County, Florida, United States of America, for use by Missing Children Global Network and entities legally authorized by this organization. Sincerely, Claudia M. Aguilar Mother Carlos A. Aguilar Father Armando A. Pérez President Mercedes Perez Vice -President William Chimenski Social Finity.

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GLOBAL NETWORK SPECIAL POINTS OF INTEREST: – We Provide support to families – We help re-duce missing children cases – We listen 24 hours at hot-line: 855.482.5378 855.48.ALERT Missing Children “if we don’t stand up for our children then we don’t stand for much” Marian Wright Edelman. Missing Children Global Network (MCGN) is a non-profit organization 501(C)(3) which was establish in 2009 in Hialeah, FL. It was conceived through the vision of Mr. Armando Perez, President, and his wife Mrs. Mercedes Perez, Vice President, who with their own investment and the help of volunteers started the Organization. Missing Children Global Network’s mission is to stop all crimes against children, the recovery of those missing, and the reduce of statistics through prevention, educational and assistance programs to victims. It is MCGN firm belief that more needs to be done so missing children are found and not forgotten.

Who We Are

MCGN is a non-profit organi-zation that works to help find-ing children and youth missing, abused and exploited. We work in prevention, education and providing psychological, spiritual and religious assistance to victims. Our main project is to build and expand our Na-tional TV Network that will show photographs, video and written information through flat TV screens installed in pub-lic places nationwide. We also use the help of private investi-gators, volunteers, multiple TV channels, internet, social net-works, local enforcement agen-cies, the FBI, National and State Missing Children Clearing Houses, schools and other non-profit organizations and media press that show the photos, post, circulate, print, air, inform and help locate missing children in the United States. The or-ganization also provides a pro-fessional staff of volunteer psy-chologists that offers counsel-ing to children and families who have suffered any type of miss-ing, exploitation or abuse, and will take action to stop any such situations. By a Toll Free 24 x 7 Hot Line, we receive calls from the US and world-wide for assistance each year. Our website has comprehensive informa-tion and referral network and an extensive library database with pictures and information about missing children, which serves parents, educators, law enforcement and human service professionals on a daily basis. MCGN, Inc. staff, board members and volunteers work year round to educate the communities about the issues of missing children, how to keep children safe and what to do in times of crisis.

Our Mission

GLOBAL NETWORK – Missing Children Public education efforts include participation in health and safety fairs, civic events and commu-nity organization presentations and workshops on Internet safety. Educational materials, and DVD, CD, and online TV network help families keep vital information about their children at hand, and are distributed to school children and their par-ents. Press releases, articles and interviews with local and na-tional media also bring attention and awareness to missing chil-dren. In-service training of al-lied professionals also increase understanding of the issue and strengthens our ability to pre-vent and resolve all cases of missing children. Also, MCGN, Inc. offers help to law enforce-ment and families with powerful resources free of charge, to help investigate cases of missing, abuse and sexually exploited children. In cooperation with the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, and through the support of private sponsors, we provide assistance with: Missing Children Cases, and all type of assistance in this work. The story of MISSING CHIL-DREN GLOBAL NET-WORK, INC. starts in 1983 when Armando Perez, presi-dent and creator of MCGN published a magazine called “Popular Service”. At that time he started participating in vari-ous meetings and events in re-gard to missing children along with Rudy Garcia publisher of the magazine “Viva”. The idea of helping to locate missing children stayed close to Mr. Perez’s heart and he continued to participate in events in order to lend assistance to different groups. In 2003, he started working with a Chilean organi-zation called Alerta y Respuesta Contra el Abuso Sexual Infantil, ARASI (Alert & Response Against Sexual Abuse of Chil-dren). Mr. Perez and his wife Mer-cedes Perez, Vice President of MCGN, were greatly troubled by the idea of the missing and abused children throughout the world. At around this time ARASI named Mr. Perez Vice President and Representative of their organization in North America and he started to look deeper into child abuse and abductions in the United States which served to further his desire to do something to help children. In 2005 ARASI, the Chilean organization closed their doors and this spurred Mr. Perez to start work on his own project in the hopes of someday making a real difference in the lives of children in his community as well as the country and maybe even the world. Upon seeing the great need and the statistics pertaining to the high number of these cases in the United States and also noting the lack of atten-tion to these cases after the initial publicity faded, Mr. Perez realized there was a real need to create a national consciousness in order to help identify and locate miss-ing children. He also realized there was a need for more education and for work in prevention in order to re-duce the number of incidents and thus his vision, his mis-sion came into being. Finally in 2009 Mr. Perez was able to establish MISSING CHILDREN GLOBAL NETWORK, INC. and went through the many steps necessary to establish it as a nonprofit foundation (501)(C)(3) and also born as part of MCGN was the National Monitor Network Project. The project consists of a se-ries of monitors installed in public places such as govern-ment buildings, hospitals, gas stations and other places where large numbers of people would be able to see them. These monitors would be constantly showing pictures of missing children as well as general information and statis-tics about missing children and even messages of prevention and education. Without any outside funding and using his own meager funds Mr. Perez started working with the organization he founded, MCGN, to establish relation-ships and get to know the local community in order to make the organization’s name known still working fulltime in order to maintain his home. Through the hard work and dedication of Mr. and Mrs. Perez, MCGN has not only become known locally but has received ac-knowledgement by several local city and county governments. In 2012 MCGN participated in the recovery of 6 young people who had been missing for months. In May of 2012 MCGN proudly installed the first monitor in the city of Mi-ami Gardens City Hall Building all the while keeping their data base updated with information about missing children. The organization worked hard to bring the many cases of miss-ing children that crossed their desks to the attention of the media and social networks so they could make more people aware of what was and is hap-pening to these children. MCGN participates in and organizes events in the com-munity where it takes the message of Prevention and Education to everyone it can while handing out informative materials and talking to every-one who will listen. The or-ganization works directly with the families of the victims and gives them the support they need while printing flyers, contacting the media and even going on air to bring attention to the particular case. At the same time MCGN partici-pates in the actual search for the child by handing out fly-ers and even going door to door and provides spiritual and psychological support for the family and for the victim once he or she has been lo-cated, always providing the necessary follow up on each case. There are various private businesses currently working alongside MCGN right now to develop technological pro-jects that will aid in the search for missing children and soon the organization will be launching a new and revolutionary project to help locate missing children. This project will be named after a young man who went missing in Gainsville, Florida and who sadly did not make it home alive. Many good people from the community work for and with MCGN, all as volunteers. There are professionals, spe-cialists in their field, who are part of both the Board of Di-rectors and the Advisory Committee for MCGN also all on a volunteer basis. There are Sys-tem Engineers, Computer Technicians, TV Producers, Graphic Designers, Technicians specializing in Television Net-works, Psychologists, Politicians and Publicists who are dedicat-ing themselves to helping the cause of Missing Children Global Network, Inc. MCGN is currently developing a Project with two profession-als in the field of psychology that will include prevention, education, personal develop-ment and victim support. They intend to start in the local school districts but the hope is to eventually participate in school systems on a national level working with parents, stu-dents and teachers in order to reduce the number of inci-dences of missing children. Long term goals for MCGN include becoming a positive national force for helping missing, abused and exploited children and then eventually even going international. The idea and hope is to be able to make a difference not only in the United States but also in countries like Mexico where hundreds of children disappear on a daily basis. The “vision” held by MCGN is that of IDENTIFICATION, PREVENTION and EDUCATION. Armando A. Perez President GLOBAL NETWORK Missing Children