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January 2, 2013 Proclamation: On motion of Armando A. Pérez , President of Missing Children Global Network, Inc. and with the approval of the parents of Christian Aguilar , Claudia M. Aguilar and Carlos A. Aguilar, has been named this project ” AGUILAR CHRISTIAN CHILD ALERT” Missing Children Global Network, Inc. is proclaiming that the ” Christian Aguilar Child Alert” project send text messages with pictures of missing children or endangered all gone nearby where a minor ranked highly in danger. Thousands of telephone text messages were sent with photos and area users specify the disappearance receive information that child disappeared in a quick and timely fashion and may act in a quick manner, including texts to phones and police authorities as well as all departments radiated press and TV media . We are proclaiming that this project bore the name of the young Christian Aguilar ‘s report, a young man of excellent and honorable academic studies and a brilliant social and family behavior , which disappeared from the Gainesville area on September 20, 2012 and later after a search by the authorities and thousands of volunteers it was found his lifeless body on October 12, 2012 . This project is called ” AGUILAR CHRISTIAN CHILD ALERT” for an idea of Missing Children Global Network, Inc., is technically developed by the firm Social Finity and President William Chimensky that voluntarily created a phone application linked to the website of Global Missing Children Network, Inc. offering users all the information needed to help identify missing children. The website of Missing Children Global Network, Inc. including a description indicating the reason for the project name ” CHRISTIAN CHILD ALERT AGUILAR .” With this proclamation we recall the memory for life and the presence of Christian Aguilar who was a juvenile , a student of first category, a good son and a good friend . Be present Christian name in all public activities , community service and Missing Children Global Network, Inc. helping saving lives of children, identifying, preventing and educating . The name Christian Aguilar and his memory will be present in projects to restore youth to a new life and prevent them from growing statistics of missing children. It will be on projects of personal growth of children who are recovered after being missing. Christian Aguilar, his image, his young example of a good family and this project ” AGUILAR CHRISTIAN CHILD ALERT” Missing Children Global Network, Inc., will work for the present and the future of children and youth in the United States and world . His physical disappearance will for eternity leaving a legacy of protection , safety and security for our children and young people in our country and around the world. The ” Christian Aguilar Child Alert” project is a global project. In all phases of use and presentation of this project for Missing Children Global Network, Inc. and Social company Finity , photos and biography of Christian Aguilar be presented , will be advertising this project in all possible means , graphic , radio and television , honoring the life and career of this young daughter to copy your image and name role models. Proclaim ” Christian Aguilar Child Alert” draft Missing Children Global Network, Inc., was born in the City of Hialeah Gardens, Miami Dade County, Florida, United States of America, for use by Missing Children Global Network and entities legally authorized by this organization. Sincerely, Claudia M. Aguilar Mother Carlos A. Aguilar Father Armando A. Pérez President Mercedes Perez Vice -President William Chimenski Social Finity.